Dreams Fertility Clinic started over 20 years ago in the United Kingdom, with Doctor Shirley Williams initially giving consultations from her home and honing her skills as a herbal practitioner. She was going back to the roots which was the opposite of her previous life in conventional medicine as a nurse and midwife. During this transition, she was acquiring multiple diplomas and certifications in various complementary therapies, such as Reflexology and Nutrition. In London, she was providing treatments for the whole body, looking for the root cause as opposed to treating symptoms only. She was able to aid women with infertility issues where conventional methods may have failed them before. 

Dreams Fertility Clinic is now a registered clinic which is permanently based in Ghana. The medical knowledge and expertise in alternative medicine has been accumulated from overseas, and brought back to the motherland to help people to have children. This clinic promotes natural and healthy lifestyles, advising clients about reproductive health and nutrition. We help to increase the chances of conceiving and starting a new family before undertaking any life-changing surgery. There are many aspects of anatomy and physiology which are disregarded in our modern lives due to a lack of interest in diet and nutrition. Our professionals here will look after you and offer you their best advice to assist you with increasing your longevity!


Dr. Shirley - CEO/Director

I am a qualified Medical Practitioner specialising in Western Herbal Medicine (WHM) and Clinical Psychology. My father was a traditional herbalist, who acted as a natural healer across Ghana and Ivory Coast, spreading herbalism from the confines of Akan culture and African traditional medicine. As you can now see, I am sure that natural and alternative medicine is my path and destiny. Therefore, I am dedicated to promoting the practice and discipline of helping others with holistic treatments, whiles going against the domination of conventional medicine.

I, myself, started my professional career in conventional medicine with nursing after graduating from high school. The approach I took in regards to helping others through conventional medicine, lead me into midwifery. The experience I had with delivering children in this world, ignited a passion within me to help women bring life into this world. I knew that I wanted to guide them through the most frightening and memorable day of a woman's life. Watching couples build a family and witnessing their love flourish, became an aspiration for me.

At this time, my career and experience as a nurse and midwife was set firmly in place. I soon started a family before undergoing further studies. Therefore I pursued certificates in Health & Social Care in the 1990s, followed by Western Herbal Medicine and Maternal Reflexology in the 2000s. My recent studies consisted of diplomas in Nutrition and subsequently, Clinical Psychology. I was now able to combine my passion and experiences to helping others to heal. I feel that I can improve the health and wellbeing of women and men. Knowledge is power and I want to continue to spread what I know to help couples conceive and have children.

Dreams Fertility Clinic Provides; CONSULTATIONS, GENERAL SCANS FOR FERTILITY, AND WESTERN HERBAL MEDICINE (WHM) – an aiding with a variety of health concerns and conditions such as: 

  • Clinical Psychologist who supports counselling marriage couples with a difficult situation not able to conceive with anxiety.
  • Expert Nutritional Therapist with diet advice to individuals
  • Help with fertility issues such as:
    1. Unexplained infertility
    2. Block Fallopian Tubes
    3. Unsuccessful IVF
    4. Fibroid/PCOS/Cysts
    5. Ceased Menses
    6. Miscarriage
    7. Period Pain
    8. Low Sperm Count
    9. Erection Problems
    10. Low Libido
    11. Sexual Dysfunction
  • Health Advice and Herbal Treatments for and during pregnancy
  • Reflexology to reconnect the mind and body for mental wellbeing
  • Reflexology to improve physical Health,  such as infertility or Physical pain etc.